Philip K. Smith

Already an accomplished woodcarver and artist, Philip Smith commenced his formal woodcarving training in 1976 at Karges Furniture in Evansville, Indiana. It was there that he, as a protégé of a noted Greek Master Woodcarver Socrates Paskalidis, expanded his knowledge of design principles while perfecting his carving technique in a high-end furniture production environment. Following his apprenticeship, he formed P.K. Smith Woodcarving in 1978, and since then has been creating original architectural woodcarving designs of unsurpassed quality for a diverse clientele, including industries, organizations, governmental entities, and individuals. He has been recognized for his talents in many publications over the years and has received, among a number of professional accolades, a Masters Fellowship from the Indiana Arts Commission for his outstanding achievements. Drawing upon his extensive experience, he has focused his expertise of this centuries-old trade to prototype design and production of the finest architectural elements the industry has to offer. Custom projects can be found at Carved Stairway elements by Philip Smith can be found at All designs are by Phil Smith.